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  • Discover how to refurbish your career and/or business with new innovation or disruption aligned to a higher purpose

  • Repurpose your mission to follow a path of meaning and significance while succeeding in both material and spiritual life

  • Redesign a quality of life that brings you a heaven on earth lifestyle

  • Find the path of highest impact in your social contribution that transforms your entrepreneurship and leadership as well as graduates you into a legend

  • Evaluate your officer-like-qualities (OLQs) and work out your seeds of failure in your old habits and leadership style

  • Get equipped with OLQs to grow your leadership, management and technical knowhow to creatively adapt in the most challenging times

  • Study with other leaders and entrepreneurs about current and ongoing VUCA (vulnerability, unpredictability, complexity, ambiguity) and how to survive, thrive and be sustainable by applying spiritual entrepreneurship models.

  • Learn and apply the essential pillars of the best leaders of leaders who will always be ahead of their game

  • Experience the new path of self-mastery and longevity for leaders of the future

Plus: Rejuvenating energy healing, stress and fatigue management, will-power development, advanced techniques of meditation, martial arts, self-defense, introduction to marksmanship and culturing your more advanced consciousness.


Investment for the program: PHP 229,600

Would you like to know more about our program?

Attend our upcoming info session:

April 27, 2024 at 9pm to 10pm Philippine Time

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