10 Steps to Build the Virtue of Discipline and Constancy

Very successful people have mastered these steps; that's why they have already reached the high pedestal of achievement.

From Master Del Pe's, 'The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed', a groundbreaking book guiding readers to apply the spiritual technology of enlightened Masters for their own illumination and self-mastery.

1. Set your goals clearly and implement them properly.

Set your targets and goals clearly and know by heart your most important roles and end results. Make sure that your goals are important and form a good part of your life's vision. It is not enough to be constant in effort if the direction and purpose of the goal to be accomplished are not positive, certain or clear. Know your goals and required results, quantitatively and qualitatively, by writing them until you are clear and definite about them. Constantly focusing on them in good and even bad times is the key to discipline. Remind yourself of your goals and results in your calendar or planner, and use reminders throughout your house or work place. Put them into a slogan or motto. An organisation or team can do the same.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.