Time to Build Wealth

Bad times are actually good because it is during these times that you can build your wealth of spirituality, karma and energy.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give,” British prime minister Winston Churchill had said. In these times when financial misdeeds are making headlines and stock markets continue a bumpy course, Churchill’s observations remain valid. How do you a make a life in the face of economic turmoil?

Give to receive

During difficult times, we can do even more to build our prosperity and entitlement to future wealth by serving others. In fact, good times give us fewer opportunities to serve. Bad times provide the occasion to help more. This helps you earn some spiritual good karma and equity. Even individuals who are not ordinarily leaders amaze themselves and others by rising up to become leaders and servers in the face of calamities.

The Great Buddha had to sacrifice his comfort as a prince to become an ascetic in order to unfold the virtue of wisdom. Martin Luther King Jr’s life was relinquished for the sake of civil rights. All great leaders, heroes and saints are masters of the virtue of sacrifice. You need to have this virtue if you wish to leave a legacy. It is the bottom line of greatness.

Look to help

Instead of focusing on negative gossip, media reports of scandals, or worries about the future, this is an excellent time to look around us and identify the greatest needs among people and the environment. Take this inventory instead of joining others who are in a negative scheme. This is the time to think about what you can do to be of benefit to society.