Fitness beyond the body [World Health Day special]

You aren't really fit if you are not fit in your emotions, mind and body. Master Del Pe helps you harness your well being potential at all levels of your being.

For me, good health involves all levels of the personality—the physical body, vitality, the emotions, the mind and the spirit. The body, emotions and mind are designed to function as an integrated unit. When they are harmonized, we experience a sense of wellbeing.To improve or maintain good health, the rate of our regeneration has to be faster than the rate of our degeneration. For this, we need to activate the Trinity of Power, which results in the virtue of good health.

Good health incorporates will-power, balanced with Love [emotions] and creative intelligence [mind]. In the Hindu philosophy, the Trinity mirrors Shiva[power], Vishnu [love] and Brahma[intelligence].

Why will-power matters

While emotions may bring a desire to change and the mind may generate images of a better future, we are not able to breakthrough negative habits and patterns that carry past expressions of thoughts and emotions forward—even if the patterns are no longer applicable toour life now.

To break through this barrier, you need the crucial booster rocket of will-power. It is the predictor of how likely you are to exercise, to follow a healthy diet, to avoid smoking and drinking or to meditate. Therefore, the level of your will-power is a good predictor for your overall fitness.

Will-power is the four wheel drive to pull you out of the past. After all, to live one’s greatest life means to be able to give your all to whatever brings the deepest experiences of success and altruism leading to fulfilment in the present and future.