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How to participate:

  1. REGISTER here by July 4, 2019 to save your spot.

  2. OPEN the meeting room link (sent to your email upon registration) 10 minutes before the live broadcast.

  3. INTERACT with us by typing your questions and comments in the meeting room chat box.

Any questions?

Email us at

Join us live online with Master Del Pe!

  1. Find out how to heal your sexual blockages and learn performance boosters to increase your sexual power, magnetism, manifestation, vitality, longevity, creativity and mental acuity.

  2. Gain insights on the anatomy of sexual pleasure, the 5 types of orgasm and how to get equipped with techniques for your best sexual experience.

  3. Learn the basic principles of Sacred Sex, Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy to experience enlightened levels of sexuality.

  4. Discover the wisdom of oriental philosophy on conceiving advanced children.

From our readers

"It impresses me and awakens me to know the structure and esoteric functioning of human sexuality. It is like illuminating a dark room where you have been moving blindly all your life. Thank you. Now I can connect my emotional capacity, my physical capacity and my spiritual capacity to have a healthier, longer and fuller sexuality. The great discovery is that pleasure is also divine and can be transmuted."

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