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The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed (download)

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The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed (download)

By Master Del Pe

Your Enlightenment Is Achievable This Life!

This groundbreaking book, with it’s never-before revealed diagrams and related spiritual technology will illuminate you on the magical uses of The Third Eye. It is based on more than two decades of Master Del Pe’s original research, experimentation, personal experiences and training with 4 enlightened Masters from the East.

Discover and Learn from The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed:

  • Easy techniques to develop the Third Eye safely
  • The 10 uses of the Third Eye
  • How the Third Eye will be used in advanced education in the future
  • The 9 levels of human evolution and the 7 types of human design
  • The Sacred Fire, Kundalini and its evolving models not illustrated in any book yet
  • Advanced concepts of your spiritual anatomy: the Spirit, the Soul and the 5 hidden Chakras beyond the known 7 Chakras


The chart of the current changes called the new age from Year 2010 onwards

  • 35 Third Eye illustrations
  • 20 Kundalini and Sacred Fire graphics
  • 9 diagrams of the different aura designs
  • 8 key virtues to achieve self-mastery
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