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Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy (download)

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Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy (download)

By Master Del Pe and Rega Stellar

Bored with your sex life or think you have learned everything about sexuality? Want to explore the use of sex energy to boost your personal performance and awaken the power of your soul? This book is for you.

Rega Stellar's ability to bring abstract concepts into art through clairvoyant investigation, combined with Master Del Pe's expertise on sexual alchemy, healing science, meditation, yoga, spiritual psychology and esoteric science positioned this book to be the most comprehensive and advanced teaching available today on sex and its sacred nature.

What you can benefit from the book:

  1. Enjoy the best time of your sex life with the best practices of Eastern and Western cultures illustrating sexual foreplay, coital-play, after-play and intimacy.
  2. Learn how to boost your sexual performance and experience total body orgasm or ecstasy.
  3. Discover the most sensitive body parts and pleasure-giving techniques to become a love machine.
  4. Awaken your soul and psychic faculties to a high degree including your power to manifest abundance using sexual alchemy.
  5. Learn how sex energy can reverse ageing, rejuvenate your body and prolong your life span.
  6. Experience sacred sex secrets to achieve divine intimacy.
  7. Learn how to rapidly heal your sexual problems, energy blockages and sexual dysfunctions.


  • Secrets you can't find anywhere else about the FIRE ELEMENTALS OF SEXUAL PLEASURE, the source of the most intense orgasms.
  • 100+ illustrations related to sexual alchemy and divine intimacy.
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