Om of Virtues (download)

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Om of Virtues (download)

By Master Del Pe

Om of Virtues will help you:

  • Unfold 8 core virtues with universal sacred mantras to live happier, work smarter, be healthier and grow faster
  • Verbally chant with the CD to purify, energize and align your many layers of consciousness through mantras empowered by Master Del Pe
  • Apply the science of sacred sounds to activate and align your auras and certain groups of chakras by using different ratios of the chanted mantra, OM, to trigger specific virtues
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Master Del Pe is the founder and creator of the BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA), World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) and the MDP Village.


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