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Mantra and Meditation to Awaken the Heart (download)

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Mantra and Meditation to Awaken the Heart (download)

Open your heart and experience inner peace daily through mantric yoga

By Master Del Pe

This mantric yoga technique uses ancient sacred sounds to invoke the blessings of harmony from divine beings of peace. The ritual involves the activation of your 2 energy hearts: the emotional and spiritual. These energy centres are located at the heart area on the top of the head. When these 2 energy centers are substantially awakened, the heart gets opened and the practitioner will naturally express the virtue of peace, joy and harmony. The mantra 'Om Shanti Shanti Hum' will be used to bring the substance of peace, joy and stillness.

The second part of the mantric ritual is the chanting with melody of the famous Buddhist chant, gate, gate para gate parasangate boddhisvaha taught to me by my earlier mentor. The heart sutra chant has the power to open up the heart enabling the practitioner the ability to experience beingness and flow.

The Mantra and Meditation to Awaken the Heart is part of Master Del Pe's 'Meditation Made Easy' Series.

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