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Higher Science of Longevity (download)

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Higher Science of Longevity (download)

By Master Del Pe

A complete handbook to live younger, feel good, reverse your aging and extend your youthful life applying the secrets of Supercentenarians and Asian Masters.

Master Del Pe has integrated in this book the practical wisdom from his immortal yogi mentor, aged 400+, and his 3 other Asian mentors with the wealth of knowledge from his research on supercentenarians. The Higher Science of Longevity is beyond the faddy diets and anti-aging claims of the noisy, age-reversal industry. It really works! Master Del Pe invested 36 years of his life traveling to over 100 countries, researching the secrets of longevity and immortality.

Here is why the book is a must-have for you and your loved ones:
• Learn the 9 pillars of universal wisdom taught by the author under the Higher Science of Longevity
• Study the 8 best practices to awaken your sexual fire and alchemize your sexual elixir for extending your youthful life miraculously
• Know the 7 formulas of how supercentenarians lived very long and dynamic lives over 110 years
• Check the photos of the centenarians’ palms and compare their life lines with yours
• Understand how Eastern Wisdom beats medical science in the search for longevity secrets
• Discover the 4 secrets of longevity known only by Asian Masters and Immortals to stay alive even without food
• Explore the 6 principles of karma and dharma to attain longevity and immortality

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