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Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga (download)

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Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga (download)

By Master Del Pe

Most of the millions of people practicing meditation or yoga put themselves at risk everyday by not knowing the dangers of meditation.

In this unique book, Master Del Pe reveals secrets about the dangers of meditation not available in any other book, audio or video programs about meditation or yoga. Full of safe and practical meditations, this book will teach you how to meditate safely and effectively and “play with your sacred fires” without getting burned by applying the science and art of meditation.

In this groundbreaking book, Master Del Pe, world meditation expert, master of achievable enlightenment methodologies and teacher of the Eastern wisdom philosophies, shares simple to advanced safe and effective meditations synthesized from his training with 4 enlightened masters from Asia and the Himalayas to help you live healthier, be happier, work smarter and grow faster.

Breakthrough information in the Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga:

  • Learn more than 25 things that can go wrong while meditating and how to avoid them
  • Know how to avoid dangerous meditation and yoga instructors
  • Learn why wrong types of meditation can cause you to go bankrupt and lose touch with reality
  • Understand why meditating near your children can make them hyperactive and sleepless
  • Study the 8 types of yoga and 12 meditation methods and how to choose the right one
  • What are the 5 steps of meditation every meditator should know
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