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From Success to Fulfillment (download)

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From Success to Fulfillment (download)

By Master Del Pe

New Tools, Advanced Faculties and Inner Values for Professionals

Is it possible to unfold the wisdom of an enlightened Master and equip yourself with the heart of Mother Teresa, the mind of Einstein, the will-power of Mahatma Gandhi and the financial freedom of a wealthy philanthropist?

In this unique book, Master Del Pe offers you practical teachings that do not duplicate current books, audio programs and seminars about success. This book’s principles, tools, strategies and self-assessments are applicable to top executives, managers, supervisors and employees, as well as new professionals right out of school to attain the quality of life they aspire to without sacrificing health and personal life. For entrepreneurs, this is an invaluable handbook for taking your business to the next level faster and with better, more predictable results.

From Success to Fulfillment will help you:

  • Build your stamina fast, live longer and be happier.
  • Develop extra ordinary will-power to finish what you start faster.
  • Become a mental powerhouse in your organization.
  • Release emotional and mental blockages that can under- mine your success and fulfillment.
  • Become a magnet for successful relationships.
  • Master 8 core values to balance your 5 most important areas of life.
  • Improve your performance, success and fulfillment by identifying blind spots through practical questionnaires and learning how to offset them.
  • Apply case studies and self-assessments in each chapter to know yourself better according to the teachings of the Himalayan Masters.
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