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Beyond The Dark Night of the Soul (download)

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Beyond the Dark Night of the Soul (download)

By Master Del Pe

Countless advanced Soul humans, including old Soul children, are becoming endangered species under the hands and minds of modern science. They suffer from a psycho-spiritual disorder called the Dark Night Syndrome (DNS) which falls into the crevices of modern medicine and psychology. Challenging health and psychological conditions are triggered by the Soul subject to the law of karma, and imposed at predetermined ages and timings during the year.

Master Del Pe spells out loudly his international experience and research on the Soul's Dark Night applying his esoteric science expertise to heal numerous cases successfully.

This book also highlights:

  1. The anatomy of human consciousness indicating the 3 layers of a person's auras and the 12 energy centers of the personality to be awakened.
  2. The 3 seats of the Soul, where they are located and when the Soul arrives during the conception process.
  3. The deeper study of the human Soul and its mechanism for self-mastery.
  4. How one can get through the Dark Night of the Soul and pass the test of karmic purification as part of the drama of enlightenment.


Real life stories of cases Master Del Pe has healed and mentored successfully, and their exceptional exodus from darkness to light. Also included are life stories and anecdotes and known legends, revealing their successes and failures during their Dark Night.

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