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Aquarian Invocation: Bringer of the Diamond Age (download)

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Aquarian Invocation: Bringer of the Diamond Age (download)

By Master Del Pe

Forget about 2012 and the End of the World...THE DIAMOND AGE is Coming from 2019 to 2160

Master Del Pe opens doors to an unprecedented view of 300 million years of history and discloses the fate of Humanity, the Earth, the Kingdoms and even Spiritual Beings.

A world renowned expert in Esoteric Science and a modern sage specializing in Spiritual Technology (a term he coined after publishing his book, The Third Eye: A Universal Secret Revealed), Master Del Pe provides readers untold knowledge about the coming of the Diamond Age.

He helps to unfold the ancient secrets of history that only enlightened Masters would know. And, he divulges information about what is to come a few million years ahead of our time.

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