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8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know (download)

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8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know (download)

By Master Del Pe

The new psychology of wisdom leadership and profiling they don't teach you at Harvard

You may be a strong leader today, but will you be one of the lasting leaders of the future? This book will surprise you with answers you won't find anywhere else!

8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know reveals:

  • The secret of "leadership alloys" and the 9 strengths, 9 weaknesses, 7 preferred careers, 4 greatest pleasures, 4 greatest pains and 9 lessons to be learned by each type of leader
  • A new formula to create powerful "organizational chemistry" in partnerships, mergers, team-building and global development
  • Why Bill Gates’ leadership dwarfs Leonardo da Vinci's style
  • Types of nations where democracy and capitalism tend to fail
  • What makes some dictators powerful and enables them to outlast other leaders
  • Why resource-rich Ecuador has been a deficit economy while resource-Scarce Singapore is a world-class surplus economy
  • How to improve your earning power with greater ability to negotiate and promote your business, ideas and decisions effectively to any type of person or group
  • The 8 Universal Key Virtues to live your greatest life as a leader
  • 49 case studies, 76 world leaders' quotes and 12 profiling forms to identify personal and leadership blind spots and misalignments


Master Del Pe offers readers a path to enlightened leadership carefully researched through his travels to more than 60 countries studying leaders and cultures.

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