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12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment (download)

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12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment (download)

A straightforward path to self-mastery

By Master Del Pe

''Meditation, prayers, yoga, vegetarianism and spiritual practices alone can be a waste of your time, resources and effort. They are only pieces of the puzzle which are not assembled to complete the enlightenment formula. You need a curriculum of self-mastery to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. Don't leave this life merely rich, famous or successful. Depart enlightened.

Master Del assembled the '12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment' as a guiding philosophy, spiritual compass and map, to help seekers navigate the vast ocean of karmic possibilities. The book is structured like a vault full of spiritual treasures and pearls of wisdom which have been collected from 6 decades of Master Del Pe's personal experience, as he was traversing the rough seas of his own spiritual journey. He studied and observed how his 4 mentors and many other enlightened teachers mastered their life, without formal university education, and developed their spiritual muscles through highly intelligent hard work and mastery of the virtues of will-power, self-discipline and sacrifice.

In this book, Master Del Pe invites you to travel together and cross the crystallizing borders of religiosity and aging spirituality, override the humps of contemporary ignorance and escape the ditch of modern pre-occupations. Allow this book to transport your consciousness far away, beyond the geography of obsolescence and expect to arrive at the doorstep of enlightenment.''

"Invest in your enlightenment; It pays the highest life dividends. My book will teach you how enlightenment works and how you can achieve it in the most efficient way. Discover how the '12 Rules' become the foundation of your solid spiritual development. I'll prove to you that mastery of life is mastery of basics." - Master Del Pe

Personal Development/Mind-Body-Spirit
ISBN: 978-1-5136-5017-3

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