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Most Requested Topics

  • The Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Psychology for Healers and Meditators

  • The 12 Types of Meditation and 8 Types of Yoga

  • 8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know

  • Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga You Should Know

  • Heal and Energize Your Life

  • How to Balance Your 5 Key Areas of Life

  • Live Your Greatest Life

  • Awakening the Power of Your Soul

Hot Topics!!!

  • The Secrets of Asian Masters and Yogis to Live Longer

  • The 5 Laws of Manifestation and Abundance

  • Wisdom Feng Shui to Live an Auspicious Life

  • How to Awaken Your 5 Levels of Ascending Intelligences

  • Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy

  • 8 Types of Lovers and How to Please Them

  • 7 Secrets of God's Clock

  • 8 Types of Children and How to Parent Them

  • How to Conceive and Parent Advanced Souls

Advanced Topics for Advanced Souls

  • 7 Universal Philosophies Under Cosmogenesis

  • The Secrets of the Eastern Wisdom Schools

  • Life After Death and the Inner World

  • From Karma to Dharma

  • Breaking Through the Doors of Initiation

  • Mastering Your Third Eye

  • Esoteric Psychology to Understand How God Works

  • Esoteric Sciences to Achieve Self-Mastery Faster

  • Divine Alchemy to Achieve Enlightenment in this Lifetime

  • 14 Seminars on Developing Your Inner and Psychic Powers

  • Energy Medicine and Healing Science Career Specialization

Invite Master Del Pe as a Speaker

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