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BElife International Certification for Trainers and Specialists

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BElife International Certification

for Trainers and Specialists

Designed for students to be able to follow a path that can give them their maximum opportunities by preparing them to have the best tools for helping the next generations of the new humanity.


EARN,GROW and SERVE in a special way

Pursue the path until you become the path

Live your greatest life in your relentless pursuit to master yourself

What is going on with this modern world that needs to change?

Global crises underway.

The world today, as you know it is not working right. Humanity is undergoing a silent awakening unrecognized by most. Grownups are finding meaningless in their chosen careers and experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul. Countless families are breaking down in spite of more prosperity. The youth are suffering from more addictions than ever before. Even the incidences of suicide among the intelligentsia are increasing dramatically. In spite of this era being declared as the most prosperous time of humanity, we have unsurmountable debts and failing economies. The good news is that more advanced-children are being born to help navigate the transition from our failing societies to a new humanity but, it will not be easy. It requires the service and unconditional sacrifice of everyone who aspires to be the bridge of our lost path to a level of higher consciousness. This is essential for the sake of the future survival and sustainability of our planetary life.


There are at least 6 wars going on in our world at any given time in this 21st century. On top of that, crony capitalism-induced wars are trying to take over the resources of third world countries. We are facing the big challenge of climatic changes and natural disasters affecting different parts of the world. The planet is defending itself from humanity’s misuse and abuse of resources. The debt crises and trade wars between the big superpowers and governments are like a ticking financial bomb that may kill the global economy anytime it explodes. Our generation is crystallizing from its narrow-minded obsession of technology without the balancing aspects of wisdom, spiritual values and conscience in corporate leadership.


There is a new global epidemic with Artificial Intelligence (AI) fever at its core and 5G obsession as a comorbidity. Many people are scared about AI taking their jobs or learning machines with super-algorithms controlling our modern life. Countless top-notched thought leaders have speculated that AI will take over our modern society and eventually rule over the world. If world leaders do not develop conscience in entrepreneurship and wisdom in their leadership, we will also meet the same fate as the crumbled empires of past, after they had reached their peak. Our modern world has more than one empire and most of them are either in trouble or are the ones creating the trouble: the empires of the Americans, Chinese, Europeans, Arabians, Multi-National Corporations, Silicon Valley technologists, military industrial complex, shadow governments in many countries, family dynasties and elite billionaires. When the separative agendas of these empires will lock horns, their utter disregard for the global community’s safety and humanity’s united development will make us witness the huge devastation of humankind and its commercial cathedrals. If leaders don’t change course and humanity doesn’t change its modern approach to life, education, religions etc. then it will be set to fail in a dim future. In all past cultures, when commercial, scientific and political interests superseded humanity’s spiritual interest and social sins were at their peak, positive destruction for reconstruction occurred. When ill-will and greed of world leaders dominate world affairs, extinction of civilizations and fall of commercial empires follow.  


While there is still a chance for one to do something significant, anyone who understands this global phenomenon should initiate programs and actionable initiatives to develop new paradigms and create positive changes with a sense of urgency, leading to higher-value centered lifestyle. This effort will redirect our focus, talents and resources to organize a new group within humanity which is composed of advanced Souls that support human evolution. Such people will stand away from selfish political interests and the priorities of greedy multinational businesses. They will neither rely on the government’s bureaucracy nor obsolete social movements. 

Protecting the whole Earth and saving humanity from its own weaknesses are tall orders to pursue. By applying the wisdom of the past legendary leaders and spiritual teachers to guide the best use of what modernization has to offer, we will uphold the only chance to have a healthy and sustainability life in our modern world. May the world and modern humanity not follow the failed footsteps of lost empires such as the Ancient Greeks, Turks, Romans, Incans, Toltecs, Mayans and other civilizations that perished. Human beings need to change otherwise, history will repeat itself.

What is ESOTERIC and Why the need for it?

There is an urgent global need for humanity to change towards a new philosophy that awakens higher consciousness which prioritize the human spiritual unfoldment as a main agenda.  The new value-centered lifestyle allows the awakening of the soul’s power to regulate the ego’s misplaced material priorities thus guaranteeing humanity’s higher potential to unfold bringing the “Heaven on Earth lifestyle”. As a majority of humanity, especially the leaders, unfold their enlightenment, positive changes in world affairs will be inevitable.


In the past, religious philosophies were the esoteric or new spiritual teachings. When they were introduced by their founders to their societies then, these body of spiritual knowledge were the new uncommon principles that guided their lifestyle and evolved to new cultural values to live by shaping their period of existence. The esoteric knowhow are the forerunners of any religious doctrine. Esoteric means hidden truths or uncommon knowledge. So, today, what humanity needs to bring as a salvation to itself is a new hidden knowledge that will raise the bar of human consciousness to a new magical level above the modern social preoccupations while these esoteric teachings serve as the antidote to the pitfalls and blind spots of our current human collective consciousness. A world culture makeover and a breakthrough in human potential through the agencies of spiritual awakening and inner development en masse is much needed by now.  It is not only an opportunity to all who are already spiritually awakened humans to be the pillars to anchor the revolutionary change but also a spiritual duty to fulfill in order to survive and thrive as well.


It is in the realm of the Esoteric that higher truth can be found. It is in studying Esoteric Knowledge that universality is revealed.  It is in applying Esoteric Principles that the true self-mastery and enlightenment can be achieved. The Esoteric Study and its application will be the next playground for the more advanced souls, geniuses and master leaders of our next generations which will bring the quantum disruption we all need to survive and thrive with or without the scientists’ algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. It is not only humanity’s next step. It is the only viable step away from the limitations of technology and the global predators of our times. All other leaders have tried to work for world peace and unite humanity but failed. Even earlier religious teachings and education have not yet transformed the sinful nature of humans.


A new Esoteric body of teachings has been collected, studied, experimented and synthesized by Master Del Pe in his travel to over 100 countries in 40 years.  Some of these wisdom philosophies were also released to Master Del Pe and his organization, BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) and World Institute  for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA) through his personal mentoring and training with 4 physical spiritual mentors, who passed on to him their spiritual strategies, techniques and philosophies and prepared him to train advanced souls and disciples  new paradigm shifters, creative disruptors and game changers that brings apprentices the chance to live their greatest life of service, growth and a life of karmic abundance. 


Very soon in the future, human beings will be classified and awarded accolades differently. What makes a person special and very important are not the financial status, expensive smart phones, latest computing technology, latest APP and sports car. The more evolved human beings will look at your character, wisdom, contribution to society, and how enlighten you are to gauge who you are.  Your leadership’s likeability will be measured by your spiritual wholesomeness, healthy lifestyle, vice free life and demonstration of self-mastery.


The more advance you are as a human soul, the more responsible you are to start the change.  Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want for the world”.

What can BICTAS offer?

The new educational revolution and humanity’s breakthroughs will happen when the new humanity will be equipped with a good conscience, guided with advanced wisdom principles and spiritually awakened with the power of the soul. This scenario is possible under BICTAS’s one roof comprehensive curriculum of inner studies and practicum. BICTAS trains spiritual students and seekers esoteric knowledge which not only reveals the secrets of the universe but their practical use to live a great life of service and usefulness to society by applying the new esoteric laws and rules of enlightenment to solve world problems.


The new secrets of life called ESOTERIC will prevail over the old dogmatic teachings.  Earlier, the new laws of science were the esoteric information to the old scientific knowledge. The new religious philosophies taught by the founders of were the esoteric teachings until they became the exoteric teachings of today’s religions. Esoteric precedes the exoteric.


BICTAS, Master Del Pe and world class team of trainers and mentors internationally will serve as the faculty and mentors to students and apprentices who will undergo either inner studies for scholarly purposes or as a server ready to be certified as an esoteric specialists, facilitator, trainer or leader in their esoteric field of specializations.


There are 14 major fields of study and career path for those who want to work for the New Humanity’s development:

14 Paths_BICTAS.png


Career paths and major fields of study 

for those who want to work for the New Humanity's development

What is the story behind BICTAS and Esoteric-know-how?

Master Del Pe is the creator and chief curriculum designer of BICTAS. He is also the founder of 3 USA-based institutions which are the custodians and fulfillment channels for all his body of knowledge. For 40 years, he accumulated, synthesized and experimented with an encyclopedia’s worth of his esoteric teachings from different sources. His journey began in Asia where he was born and raised in a poor mountainous region of Northern Philippines. Direct experiences with Philippine traditional medicine and psychic healers in the rural area, where he was raised up, injected in him a fascination with the healing arts, psychic therapy and herbal medicine. In fact, he applied them for himself and others in treating wounds, first aid and tackling diseases to survive in the wilderness ever since he was a teenager. He met and experienced several miraculous healers from a young age. This is how he inferred that there is a power and energy beyond science and western medicine which can be tapped into by non-scientific methods without formal education. He was intrigued with the powers of Filipino healers and psychic surgeons in the rural towns of the Philippines. These personal experiences triggered his passion to create a new healing modality called BEwell Science, a non-touch energy based alternative medicine which also employs life mentoring and martial arts-yoga for fitness. 


At 22 years old, Master Del Pe became the youngest Martial Arts Master and chief instructor of one of the biggest martial arts organization in Saudi Arabia, while he also worked as an engineer in the Arabian American Oil Company in Saudi Arabia for almost a decade. His fascination for Karate started from exposure to the world-class skills of the Filipino martial artists in stick and knife fighting. In fact, the Filipinos are believed to be the best in these fighting arts since even Bruce Lee and the USA Navy Seals are said to have studied with Filipino Martial Arts Masters. Master Del Pe also teaches these Filipino self-defense tactics augmenting his Japanese Karate Mastery. The passion for military life and martial arts discipline was built into his nature as a young adult and Master Del Pe requires this virtue to be an integral part of his esoteric training for disciples. He often talks about this important quality in his training programs:


The virtue of self-discipline is the backbone of self-mastery and any big success. Being constant in your aim accompanied by constancy in your effort towards any great goal you set for yourself is the real key to achieve great things in life. This virtue combines the tenacity and valor of the soldier with the fervor and one-pointedness of a Saint, all in one. Whoever has true self-discipline can attain their higher potential even in the absence of sweetness or a high IQ.


Esoteric teachings through Master Del Pe and BICTAS are not like traditional mystical arts or spiritual knowledge. They are more advanced and abstruse. Since Master Del Pe is an engineer and a thought leader himself, he follows the path of the mind as well as the heart. His propensity to write books is equally matched by his dedication to teach and train students to be ahead of their time. He has the ability to translate very abstract knowledge into down-to-earth practical applications to solve most of life’s problems with the esoteric principles and techniques.


Master Del Pe was born in Northern Philippines in the hidden valley of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, which has the same pristine beauty as the best sceneries of the Tibetan Himalayas. The only difference is that this Asian Shangrila, as nicknamed by his guests who come to this place and stay in his boutique resort - the MDP Village, has organic fruits and vegetables of all seasons. Luckily, the school in his hometown had been founded and managed by European Christian Missionaries. So, he was educated in the European way from Kindergarten to his university degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is an embodiment of the Filipino heart and hospitality but has the order, structure and methodical strategies of the Europeans. 


The healing sciences, martial arts, oriental philosophy, meditation, yoga, esoteric teachings, life reengineering strategies and self-mastery science all came together in his life in a total synthesis through his personal mentoring and training with 4 enlightened masters from different spiritual lineages. Master Del Pe considers his access to his spiritual mentors as the real key to his quantum advancement. Finding and studying with his teachers during a 10-year period was the best part of his life because in them he found his spiritual parents, who nourished him with the spiritual food for his soul. He has studied the science of immortality and techniques for extending one’s lifespan from one of his mentors, an immortal yogi in the Indian Himalayas. 


At 42 years of age, he embarked on an inner journey to validate all the teachings he had received from his mentors. Master Del Pe went around the world to over 100 countries either teaching his esoteric philosophies and healing modality or researching about world cultures, world religions and world philosophy. He went to all the locations where Masters and founders of religions, philosophy, music, arts and sciences had lived and taught. On this journey, he had many esoteric and enlightening experiences that made him a Spiritual Master.


Master Del Pe wants to leave a legacy in this life by multiplying himself to as many spiritual teachers, healing masters, esotericists and exemplary thought leaders from the advanced-soul adults as well as the master-soul children who are presently incarnating. One of his missions is to use esoteric principles and spiritual tools to bring forth the best leaders who will help change the world by installing wisdom in leadership and conscience in entrepreneurship. His main target is to bring people who are ready to be enlightened and spiritually initiated to his boutique resort, MDP Village, in his Asian hometown of Cervantes. He expects the world to change soon in a drastic and dramatic way through Earth Changes in all its forms. This is the esoteric explosion and global revolution he has been waiting for based on his intuition and Third Eye readings. Master Del Pe’s 12 books and many DVDs/CDs contain very advanced esoteric information and practical knowledge which are created to advance humanity to the next level of enlightenment.

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