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Master Del Pe Mountain View.jpg
"Think benevolently;
Speak wisely;
Act fairly;
Work intelligently;
Share altruistically;
Serve selflessly;
Live moderately;
Success follows...
Fulfillment thereafter.''

A Modern Sage and Life Mentor

Master Del Pe, internationally known as a healing guru and spiritual master of the 12 styles of meditation, 8 types of yoga and Aquarian Martial Arts, is founder of 3 United States-based organizations: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA) and the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID). He is author of 12 books, most of which are specialized on meditation, yoga, martial arts, healing science, divine alchemy, esoteric psychology and esoteric science. He was mentored by 4 Eastern Masters, one of whom is an immortal yogi, aged 400+, from the highlands of the Himalayas. Master Del Pe brings an integration of the best of the Eastern Wisdom and the Western Science.

Considered as a modern sage by his students around the world, and a life mentor to CEOs, corporations, world leaders and governments, Master Del Pe has dedicated his life to training students globally on spirituality, Balanced-Life strategies and leadership through wisdom. Through his teachings, he brings to humanity the concept of 'Flying high with 2 balanced wings - spiritual and material' to help them live their greatest life and be completely fulfilled.

Master Del Pe has taught more than 350,000 students around the world in his travels to more than 100 countries, teaching and at the same time learning world philosophies, world religions and world culture, he has a universal approach to life. He brings his body of knowledge and experience to his international students and clients through his 200+ courses, life coaching sessions, miraculous healings, 12 books and over a dozen DVDs, CDs, videos and audio for personal development.

He has lived in many countries before he settled sown as an entrepreneur in Houston, Texas, USA. Since 2015, he came back to the Philippines to develop a new resort, MDP Village, as he is focusing on training and mentoring students from around the world on the path of longevity, enlightenment and healing. All in all, he wants to be known as the one who teaches people to "master life ahead of its time".

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Master Del Pe's Organizations
Mastering Life Ahead of Its Time

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Advanced Teachings

For practical enlightenment and higher spiritual awakening

BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) is a pioneering institute that will help you develop your higher consciousness by providing a quantum leap in new philosophies, psychologies and strategies to achieve a more enlightened life and fulfilled career. Takers of our programs around the world can be certified to augment their career or establish a new employable profession, but most often our participants bring home life tools to boost vitality, heal the emotions, and sharpen the mind and awaken the power of their souls.

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Jumpstart Curriculum

For installing conscience in entrepreneurship and wisdom in leadership

Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA) is dedicated to creating a transformed world with a progressively sustainable economy empowered by leaders guided by a vision and wisdom and entrepreneurs with conscience and creativity. WILGA has been founded by a leadership team that includes renowned leadership mentors, best selling authors, management thought leaders, researchers, business leaders and academics from top business school around the world. We offer training programs, speaking engagements, business coaching and consulting services aimed to develop and mentor enlightened leadership that governs organizations that are built to last.

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Non-Profit Programs

Serving Humanity and the World

MDP Foundation is a non-sectarian and non-political 501(c)(3) public charity. Its mission is to improve quality of life and advance human consciousness through education and life skills development by synthesizing the best of eastern and modern philosophies. It provides practical training and life coaching to professionals, families, youth and service organizations. Its programs are high impact, low cost, and east to replicate. They implement non-pharmacological, holistic health and wellness solutions and offer fast results.


Retreat Resort

Where Enlightenment, Longevity & Serenity Find You

MDP Village is the modern Asian Shangri-La that is why guests and visitors who come here call it the 'hidden paradise'. You have to come see it for yourself to understand why the MDP Village experience is like heaven on earth. Come here, not only to enjoy the fresh breeze, fresh water, organic fruits and vegetables, but also to explore life’s breakthroughs with the blessings of Master Del Pe and the help of powerful healers and enlightened trainers, who will partner with you to recover from health challenges, balance your life or equip you with tools for a more enlightened life.

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Rejuvenation, Awakening & Enlightenment with Life-changing Seminars, Advanced Life Tools, Breakthrough Strategies and Wisdom

Master Del Pe, founder of  the International Convention on Higher Consciousness (ICHC), envisioned this retreat type convention to be a platform for saints, sages, more enlightened leaders, thinkers, visionaries, pioneers and world servers to launch their ideas, programs and projects in a nurturing, natural environment. ICHC invokes the participation of the more advanced human beings and the most ready mainstream humanity to join and be awakened to their highest human potential, resulting to breakthroughs in their life and maximizing their contribution to the world.
This retreat-convention style setting of ICHC also provides benefactors and philanthropists an arena to find the most advanced causes and best pioneering projects to fund in an authentic and auspicious atmosphere.

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Life-Changing Courses

Mastering Life Ahead of Its Time

Experience a healing, coaching or life mentoring session

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Meet Master Del Pe in a Retreat

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Master Del Pe's Life Tools and Guides

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Master Del Pe's Latest YouTube Videos

“The session was awesome. I feel blessed, happy mentally and physically. As I am a short tempered person, the exercises helped me to control my anger and it also helped me to improve my relationship with others.”

— A.N.

"Thanks to Master Del Pe, who coached and mentored me, I was able to avoid financial bankruptcy. I am the CEO of the largest newspaper on the east coast of Mexico, as well as two industrial corporations. I had practiced traditional yoga and meditation for many years. Over time, I found myself moving away from my responsibilities managing my companies. I wanted to spend more and more time in my mountain cabin rather than in my city office. I almost lost all the businesses I built up over 20 years and also my marriage, which I had enjoyed for a decade. I switched to Master Del Pe's methods because they enable me to stay materially grounded and spiritually free."

— G.R., newspaper CEO and industrialist, Mexico

"I have really no words to explain how effective the techniques are. I fell very enthusiastic and energetic after the exercises, and I also fell that my inner power is getting strong. I feel very strong mentally and emotionally."

— A.M.